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Who We Are

The Lexington Justice and Peace Committee was formed in the wake of the September 11 attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Like all Americans, we were shocked and horrified by these events. We share a common sense of urgency about the many issues facing our country as a result of these attacks.

  • We are concerned that the military response of our government may jeopardize our long run security rather than making us safer from terrorist attacks.

  • We oppose terrorism in all forms. We also oppose any killing of innocent civilians in retaliation for terrorism.

  • We believe that we will not be safe until the broader issues of peace, justice, democracy, and basic human needs are addressed around the world.

  • We believe that patriotism and reason demand vigorous debate, especially in times of crisis. We are concerned that citizens hear so little active debate about the momentous choices and decisions now confronting our country.

  • We want the names and status of US citizens and immigrant guests that have been detained without charge since September 11 to be released to the press. Are they treated humanely? Or are we repeating the disgrace of Japanese -American internment during WWII?

  • We are concerned about the dangerous possibility of widening the war on terrorism and that our government is considering the use of first-strike, tactical nuclear weapons.

  • We are concerned that US policy may be violating established international law as it applies to war and prisoners taken in war.

  • We are concerned that our government tends to act unilaterally rather than seeking international cooperation grounded in the values of justice and peace for all people.

  • We are concerned about restrictions on American civil liberties that have been put in place since September 11.

Members of the Lexington Justice and Peace Committee recognize that no easy or short-term solutions exist for complex issues that confront our nation and the rest of the world. However, we believe answers must be sought in the bright light of open democratic discussion, based upon universal values of justice and peace for all people.

For these reasons, we have joined together to promote active dialogue and discussion in our community. We encourage discussion about the causes of terrorism. In the spirit of democracy, we seek to promote peaceful action in support of government policies that will ensure security, peace, and justice for all. Also realization of measures about: "democracy in USA", " finance"...

For more information contact:
Lexington Justice and Peace Committee

781-674-9338 or 781-861-6154